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"The 8 Qualities of Caring Cultures:  Care More. Stress Less. Zero Drama"

"The 8 Qualities of Caring Cultures: Care More. Stress Less. Zero Drama"

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Frustrated by Your Team’s Lack of Results, Drama and Turnover?

Are you disappointed in your team’s results and their lack of focus on the mission?   Stressed out because of internal competition and an overall lack of Caring for one another?

The 8 Qualities of a Caring Culture will give you the tools, insights and processes you need to help them achieve better results.  This practical handbook shows you 8 different Caring Leadership Strategies you can use today and see immediate changes in your Culture.  You don’t have to tolerate internal competition and drama.  You can lead high-trust, high-performance teams that produce results with Zero Competition.  You can allow your team to care more and stress less. And you can do it without putting in more hours, and without working harder.  Inside this book you’ll discover:

·        The one coaching question that causes people to take personal responsibility.

·        A proven feedback formula that creates behavioral change and builds a Caring Culture.

·        How to unlock the Four Drivers of human behavior and motivation to help your team stress less and get more done.

·        How to unleash the “Three Phases of Transformation” to understanding and maintaining a Caring Culture.

Pick up and open “The 8 Qualities of Caring Cultures” your organizations guide to More Caring, Less Stress and Zero Drama.

Lon Kieffer is passionate about helping leaders to develop their coaching skills to create Caring Cultures.   When a leader improves, the team improves.  Lon keynotes frequently at leadership seminars and healthcare conferences in addition to appearing in magazines, newspapers, trade journals, and on national radio and TV as well as hosting the “Defender of Caregivers” podcast.

Lon is the author of Get Out of Bed and Go to Work; You Might be a Caregiver if; How to Care for a Caregiver: As If You Really Care; and Act Like Yourself, Think Like a Caregiver and he wrote the forward for Managing Alzheimer’s and Dementia Behaviors: Professional Edition (LeBlanc)

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