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Lead Nurturing/"Ultimate" - Email Content, Coaching and Consultation - (Recurring Monthly Service/Charge)

Lead Nurturing/"Ultimate" - Email Content, Coaching and Consultation - (Recurring Monthly Service/Charge)

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This is for members participating in the Caregiver e-Nurturing program. Members will receive monthly "content" and online support/discussion via a secret Facebook Community to discuss e-Mail marketing strategies focusing on census building in the Assisted Living Facility industry. Above and beyond receiving "content" the "AAA-Ultimate" level customer will receive an invitation to a Branded account through Constant Contact (additional fee of $45 per month required*) to establish a "verified" email from which they can serve their list of prospects with support and oversight from this provider. The customer will also enjoy additional content support using the V.I.N.E. (Vision, Information/Invitation, Nurturing, Engagement/Entertainment) components in a comprehensive email marketing strategy. Customer will receive "Nurturing Content" and associated reference materials targeted to ALF prospects (Caregiver decision makers; Referral sources, etc..) to be used to support a regular email marketing campaign. This service is the essential/second tier level (AA) of a three tier (AAA)service where the customer is receiving the "nurturing content" along with support and co-management of a professional grade third party email service (Constant Contact) account to allow the customer to independently deliver the content, but also enjoy support and coaching from this provider. Additionally: the customer will receive regular "Nurturing Tips" along with the "Nurturing Content" via email and will also be invited to a "Secret" forum on FB to discuss issues related to email marketing.

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